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Invest in your Financial Crime Investigative Skills

The Advanced CAMS-Financial Crimes Investigations (CAMS-FCI) Certificate can strengthen your existing investigation skills, and build on your ability to effectively communicate suspicious activity.

    Advanced CAMS FCI Badge


    Want to open the lines of communication with law enforcement agencies? Hone your skills in this area.


    CAMS-FCI is the certification to take you beyond the CAMS credential to an elevated level of education and practice in financial crime investigations.

    Certify your advanced expertise, bridge the law enforcement gap and improve the effectiveness of your investigations.

    New enrollments in our Advanced CAMS-FCI program are currently suspended.  Due to the global pandemic, we do not have any live training events scheduled.

    Please check back in the coming months for more information.

    Specialize in the Financial Crime Investigative Arena

    Use critical thinking and analysis
    Disseminate new typologies and risks in new cases
    Effectively communicate relevant information
    Manage your investigation scope

    The certification is comprised of three parts: a self-study portion, a three-day live course, and the writing of a white paper which will be graded as the final exam.


    The white paper is published and available to ACAMS members online or in print. This published paper will help you:

    • Establish your expertise, gain recognition and build your portfolio
    • A chance to provide thought leadership in the ACAMS community
    • Provide analysis on major/emerging issues
    Safeguard your AML program
    Fulfill regulatory expectations
    Fulfill regulatory expectations

    How to Get Certified

    Check your eligibility

    We certify the achievements of our members. You must be CAMS certified, and an ACAMS member to apply.


    Download the handbook, and submit your application.

    Complete your Advanced CAMS-FCI coursework

    Once accepted and payment has been made, you will receive full details about your pre-course work, live course and other requirements.

    Before you apply, use our eligibility calculator to see if you qualifyCandidates wishing to apply for the CAMS-FCI designation must maintain an active CAMS designation and submit documentation supporting they have met the required 20 qualifying credits based on a combination of:1. Professional Experience – 10 of the 20 credits must come from professional experience. Experience is limited to within the last 5 years.2. Training – Candidates receive 1 credit per 3 hours of training. Limit to 10 credits per 2 years.3. Certification – Limit to 1 active certification. Certification qualifies for 3 credits.
    Professional Experience
    Education & Training

    Upcoming Certification Dates & Locations

    There are no upcoming dates for the Advanced CAMS-FCI Certification at this time. Please check back again soon.

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